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41 Galerie Vivienne
Paris-2E-Arrondissement, Île-de-France, 75002

+33 (0) 609063518

Diplômée de la Saint Martin’s School of Art en 2002, Victoria est aujourd’hui directrice artistique et designer indépendante. 

Sa démarche transversale, l'amène à collaborer avec des artisans situés dans le monde entier. Consciente des enjeux sociaux et écologiques, elle explore les synergies entre des modes de fabrication ancestraux et les technologies innovantes. 

Plus que jamais l’homme et la machine travaillent main dans la main pour repenser la façon de concevoir et de fabriquer les objets qui nous entourent. 

Elle s’intéresse aux opportunités qu’offrent les nouvelles plate-formes d’innovation produit qui emergent partout dans le monde.

L’enjeu est de s’affranchir des contraintes industrielles pour développer un nouveau système de production viable et ainsi l’émergence d’un artisanat numérique.

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Traditional know-how & New technologies

New structural capabilities are made possible by CNC machines, creating opportunities and opening up new creative horizons. Thanks to the extreme precision of digital technologies, parts that were once very complex become feasible in small and medium series. The idea behind this collection is to find ingenious solutions that combine traditional joinery techniques with CNC machines to create objects with singular design.

Sustainable production

Wood is a renewable natural resource. We only select materials from sustainable European forests. Engaged in a scrupulous ecological approach, we try to reduce the use of chemicals to a minimum. We do our best to find the  most durable pigments, oils, varnishes and waxes available. Workshops are located exclusively in France and Northern Europe.

Direct distribution

Victoria Magniant collaborates with private custumers and professionals in Europe, the United States and Asia. She offers them the possibility to adapt the products of the collection so that they integrate perfectly to their project. The production time after validation is 8 to 10 weeks. She edits her creations directly to limit the additional costs associated with traditional distribution. The collection is visible, by appointment at the showroom located Galerie Vivienne in Paris.